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Our Origins and Plans for the Future...

The National Aviation and Space Education Alliance was formed by representatives of aviation groups, teaching institutions, federal and state agencies, companies, and others who have been working with and through a number of state aviation and space education councils, some of which have been formed recently. 

Our work has been enhanced by the resources that have traditionally been provided by the large national aviation associations and related agencies.  We recognize their leadership to be essential in maintaining the strength of aviation and space education.

However, recent budget cutbacks at FAA - and indeed at many federal agencies - have led to a loss of some critical funding and support for aviation and space education publications and for many events, such as the ACE camps often hosted by state groups in association with others.

In addition, we believe there is value to be gained by allying with representatives of other statewide aviation and space education groups in order to share information and develop new resources to support our similar programs.

Thus we have created this organization to achieve these objectives.  Just as the major national aviation groups work together to coordinate their collaboration in support of aviation and space education, we intend to do the same at the local and state level, making our operations more efficient and informed.

For those interested in our organizational structure, we have posted the text of our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, available by clicking on these links.

This web site is a first step in that direction.  We are developing guidance and pointers that should help state and local groups work more effectively with each other as well as with the national organizations that promote and support the same objectives.

We also will promote meetings and conferences that help  state councils and their members to become more effective.  

We welcome your participation, support, comments, and contributions.  Please contact us via email at any time, and recommend to us your ideas for additional links or other content that will be useful to all. 

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